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Benzaiten 0.6 released

I have just released Benzaiten 0.6. Changes are:
- Fixed a bug: friends whose account name starts with a number or an underscore can now be added to the menu
- Added Friends editing dialogs
- Fixed inserting links
- Made tag list searchable
- Added Poll Creator dialogs
- Fixed locations for icons for inserting link and image

The two most important changes are the dialogs for maintaining Friends and custom filter groups, and the dialogs for creating a poll.
The Friends dialogs (under Edit | Friends) offer the ability to update your Friends information from the server (that information is cached in your profile, and does not update automatically). It has two notebook pages: one for Friends and one for Groups.
The Friends tab shows which accounts you have marked as Friends, and which have friended you. You can filter this list for users, communities and feeds. The Groups tab lets you select a custom filter group and add or remove your friends to the group.
Clicking 'OK' gives a confirmation dialog with all the changes, which still gives you the chance to back out. Updating may take some time, because Benzaiten updates your Friends information a few times -- just to be sure the right information is sent back to the server. (This is more of a 'defensive' measure, and it does slow things down a bit, but I didn't want to leave the chance that accounts accidentally get put in the wrong filters.)

The Poll creator dialog (under Insert | Poll) allows your to define a poll. Choose a type of question with the combo at the bottom left and choose 'Add' to add a question. You can also edit and delete questions, and define the security settings of the poll. The poll itself is added as LJ-specific tags.
There is no check to ensure that you have an account type that is allowed to post polls. I'm not sure I can check that, and I am hesitant to include such limits if they are site-specific -- I want Benzaiten to be of use for every LJ-like site.

As always, you can leave any feedback or additional feature request in the comments.

You can download the release from here. To install, follow these steps:
  1. Save the file to your home folder;
  2. Open a terminal, and issue the command tar xvzf benzaiten-0.6.tgz;
  3. cd into the newly created benzaiten-directory;
  4. Issue the command ./benzaiten

There is now also the possibility to add Benzaiten to your Ubuntu menu. Follow these steps:
  1. Start the menu editor through System | Preferences | Main menu;
  2. Select the node 'Internet' on the list of Menus on the left side;
  3. Choose the button 'New Item';
  4. Set the name to 'Benzaiten', set the Command to /home/[your account]/benzaiten/runbenzaiten;
  5. Click 'OK'.
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